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The Day We Became Dads

"Too much to process," says Mark about the day he first became a dad. "Not enough time!"

Hanging jaws, eyes wide open. Time stood still as we tried to gather our thoughts. At the same time it felt as if we had been picked up from our mundane day-to-day dealings and thrown into the future we always wanted. Too much to process and not nearly enough time!

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How We Met Our Daughter's Birth Family

A gay dad talks about the first time he met his daughter's birth family

We had been in the adoption process for two years. Throughout the waiting period we dealt with a few ups-and-downs, including an emotional scammer. We just kept telling ourselves, One day we'll be parents. It WILL happen.

One regular Saturday we received a notification telling us that our adoption profile was marked as "favorite" by a prospective birthparent. Anyone could mark 100 profiles and then narrow it down, so it wasn't a huge deal. The past few times I felt somewhat rejected. We didn't make the cut… why? The feeling reminded me of dating apps. But, on this particular day I didn't worry.

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