The seasons are changing and moving along just as they should.

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Last night, we had a WONDERFUL night! Foster Son wants to be a fashion designer, so a friend of mine came over and, bearing the gift of a sewing machine, gave both kiddos their first sewing lesson. So fun, right?

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There is a saying "dance like no one is watching". Well, the kid in this video has not a care in the world! People are stopping, staring, laughing...he is living.

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On May 20th, a little bit after 2:00 PM, it was announced that a federal Judge handed down a monumental decision!

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On April 10, 2014, Disney Parks across the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of a classic park attraction, “it’s a small world."

This is one of my favorite attractions at Walt Disney World for so many reasons.

Sure, some may argue that the theme song (composed by the Sherman Brothers) is repetitive, but its message of global peace, love and brother- and sisterhood is something we can all relate to. (It was written at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, after all.)

But for me it’s about so much more than that.

In September 2011 my extended family took a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate my 40th birthday.

On our last day, my mom, AaronD and I headed to the Magic Kingdom. We wanted to take advantage of “Extra Magic Hours” since the park was open until 1 am and my mom promised she would close the park with us. What a treat!

This meant a lot to me because I hadn't been on Disney rides with her since I was in elementary school...but this time it was with the love of my life, making it even more special.

At 12:55, the park was virtually empty. Our last ride was "it's a small world." Now, we'd taken that boat ride earlier in the week with the entire group, but this time something was different...there was a whole different mood in the air. I can't explain it.

We were loaded onto a boat all to ourselves.

We had the attraction virtually all to ourselves (since other boats were empty).

We each had a row in the boat all to ourselves.

As we floated through that night I thought about many things:

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    We were posed the question:

    “Do you have any advice that you would like to pass on to people who are considering foster care?

     What do you wish you had known?”

     I had to think back. Back to when we were originally contemplating foster care.

    We raised a puppy who graduated from obedience school. We are consistently told she is “the most well-behaved dog I have ever met.” We taught Lucy to sit – we could do this.

    I can hear your eyes rolling from here…as if the experience of molding that young puppy mind would prepare us for parenting a 2nd and 3rd grader.

    Wait. I’m starting our story at the end, like an episode of “Once Upon A Time.” Apologies.

    We researched surrogacy, adoption, and finally decided foster care would be our route to travel to create our “future family.” We found an agency and went through 12 weeks of Foster/Adoption Pre-Service Training.

    12 weeks? At the beginning of our journey, that seemed so long! An eternity even! (Think about it 12 weeks. Three months.)

    In our little conference room in Pottstown, PA, our case worker couldn't cover everything, but she sure covered a lot. The good. The bad. The ugly.

    Surprisingly, the 12 week course sped by like lightning. When we got into our car after our final class we turned to each other and said, “was that enough?” Did we feel fully prepared to take this on?


    We were exposed to a lot, but what follows are topics I wished we had paid more attention to:

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    Times they are a-changin’! Here in Pennsylvania, where my partner and I live, there are several law suits currently fighting for marriage equality. And times need to change in order to make filing taxes easier for families like ours. However, since they haven’t changed yet, we are just a family in our hearts, but not on paper.

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