Watch This Heartwarming Birth Video From Dads Johnny and Sebastian


We met Johnny and his husband Sebastian almost two years ago when they welcomed their son Vaughn. What started as a one night stand between the two New Yorkers, led to an incredible relationship, a loving marriage, and ultimately a family.

And in late December last year, they became dads for the second time.

"We began our second journey in late April 2019," said Johnny. "We didn't pay much attention to what that would yield in terms of a due date, because we assumed that we would have to try more than once considering our low success rate on our first journey."

With their first son, Vaughn, they experienced four unsuccessful IVF attempts before they were able to successfully get pregnant. "We consider him to be a miracle baby because we were so discouraged and downtrodden by the poor outcome of our embryo transfers and the fourth try was going to be our last and final attempt at surrogacy."

Thankfully their second surrogacy journey was much less complicated and their surrogate, Hollie, who also carried Vaughn, became pregnant on the first transfer. "We have endless positive things to say about our surrogate, Hollie, and her husband, Matt," shared Johnny. "They have been incredibly communicative and receptive to our needs from the very moment we started working with them." Their second son's due date was January 1, 2020.

While their surrogacy journey started without a hitch, their personal situation changed when a move to London came on the horizon. The family of three had about a month and a half to plan and it created some challenges in terms of being involved in their second child's surrogacy journey. "We mainly had to correspond via text and over the phone." And by the time their second son was born, they had transitioned to European health insurance which meant they had to pay most of their final hospital bills out of pocket.

Right before their move to London, the family also had to come to terms with the unfortunate news that Johnny had developed a rare form of cancer. "My husband and I are still coping with [the news] and learning about it," explained Johnny. "Fortunately it hasn't spread and it seems to be under control for now. But it is definitely news that shook our lives and put everything into perspective."

On December 28, 2019, the dads welcomed their second son, Aston, in Dallas Texas. "The day that Aston joined our family was a moment where my husband and I finally felt that our family was complete," shared Johnny. "We felt an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness as well as the jolt of new responsibility and hard work that was about to enter into our lives."

Vaughn is adjusting to life as a big brother and growing more and more attached to Aston. The dads will attest that it was a transition for their eldest child, but now he clearly has a lot of affection for his little brother, but he's still learning to show it, gently. "He will sit on Aston during tummy time or bounce on top of him, when he is in his bouncy chair. It is both adorable and horrifying."

"While we are still unclear as to what the future will bring. We have learned to appreciate each day and we cherish our time with our children all the more."

Watch their beautiful birth video below and get ready for the waterworks as we witness this family grow to four.

Johnny and Sebastian Welcome Their Second Son, Aston


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