Top 10 Items Dads Need When Bringing the Baby Home

Gays With Kids spoke with Monique Moskowitz, one of the founders of Absolute Best Care Agency, an agency specializing in baby nurses, nannies, housekeepers and babysitters. Monique had a wealth of useful information for new dads.

Bringing a new baby home is very exciting and rewarding but can be very stressful and even scary for first-time dads. When adopting a newborn, dads may have only a few days to prepare for bringing the baby home and many times its very last-minute. Being prepared may ease some of the stress; but if you were given no time to prepare, don’t worry: Most of these items can be found at any store with a baby department.

Many times dads are traveling to other states to pick up their baby/babies and you may need to bring a lot more items. You may be there for days or more than a week. Always make sure you have enough clothes because you may or may not have the ability to do laundry during that time. A relative or good friend with baby experience would be a great help for a few days (or longer); alternatively, if you can afford it, consider hiring an experienced infant care specialist such as a baby nanny or a baby nurse.


  • “Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 6th Edition: Birth to Age 5,” a reference book by the American Academy of Pediatrics – A must-have for all dads! You can also reference the American Academy of Pediatrics website for very valuable information:
  • Car Seat – Make sure to install the base in your car; the infant car seat snaps into the base very easily. For help with the installation: You can get your car seat inspected. Just use the Child Car Seat Inspection Station Locator. If at all possible, get this done ahead of the arrival of your baby!
  • Coming home outfit – On that first day, you’re likely to take many photos of your new baby wearing this outfit! Preemies (premature babies) need preemie-size clothes, smaller than NB (newborn-size).
  • Formula and feeding supplies – Check with the hospital what type of formula they use; it’s always best to stick with the same formula. Feeding supplies are: bottles, nipples (check the size) and pacifiers (can take the one from the hospital; buy some extra ones), bottle brush and bottle drying stand (depending on when you will come home), many bibs and burp cloths.
  • Diapering Supplies – Diapers, unscented wipes and diaper ointment with zinc (prevents diaper rash). Preemies need extra-small diapers.
  • Bathing Supplies – Gentle baby products for body and hair (no powder), hooded towels and wash cloths; cotton balls.
  • Clothing – Onesies, outfits, caps (for outdoors), mittens; footed sleepers (for SIDS reduction). Buy some undershirts with snaps on the side (for ease before umbilical cord stub falls off). Again, premature babies need preemie-size clothes.
  • Grooming – Hairbrush or comb, nail file or nail clippers.
  • Baby Laundry detergent (fragrance-free)
  • Baby monitor and thermometer
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