9 Times Gay Men Crushed Their  Pregnancy Announcement Pics

Gay men have plenty of challenges when it comes to becoming a dad. But if there's one part of the process we have in the bag, it's the pregnancy announcement pics. Look no further than our latest photo essay of gay men announcing their dad-to-be status to the world: these pics are creative, emotive, and in some cases, downright hilarious. Take a look at this collection of fantastic pregnancy pics and share yours with us too!

Tyler and Andy announcing the birth of Emmerich and Caellum, Phoenix, Arizona

@andrewdfontes @fontes_four_pack

Burton and Dustin announcing the birth of Stone and Holland, Raleigh, North Carolina

@bbbuffalo @dustin_patrick_smith

José and Tim announcing the birth of their son Avery, then their daughters London and Lilah, Brooklyn, NY


Eric and Douglas announcing the arrival of Ella, New Orleans


Franco and Ciarán announce the birth of their twins, Cambodia


Joey and Jonathan announcing their daughter's birth and then their son's, Los Angeles, California

@joeygonzalez @chefjonrollo

Anthony and Dom announcing the arrival of Gabe, Old Bridge, New Jersey


Jorge and Roel with their son Johnny announcing their twins, McAllen, Texas


Jérôme and Patrick announcing the birth of their twins, Switzerland

@jerome.zbn @patoorick

And if a photo isn't your thing, why not create a video like Ignacio and Oliveros did for their announcement!


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