“Your Daddies Love You, George": Love Shared Around the World

Steven and Conor became dads via surrogacy in September last year (read their Life with a Newborn story). They are so excited to realize their dream of fatherhood and are loving every moment being dads to 5-month-old George. They’re loving it so much, that they wanted to show George that their love for him is stretching around the planet. So, they came up with this idea:

Love notes from around the world!



The note that is being shared:

"Your daddies' love for you is so strong, it has reached all the way to [insert city/state and country]!"

So far, the dads have reached countries as far as Indonesia, Japan and Australia, to the U.S. states of Montana, Alabama and Washington! With over 80 messages of love, and the number keeps growing!

The notes are being shared on Steven's Instagram account and people around the world are tagging his account (@stevendarby) to notify the dads.


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