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Why This Gay Dad Says You Should Watch Encanto Twice

As I sat in the theater I instantly started to dissect the entire movie. Well, before I go any further, let me back up a little bit. 

Encanto was set to be released during the Thanksgiving holiday, which gave me enough time to do my own freakishly intense research of this newly anticipated Disney cartoon. 

Anyone who is familiar with my writings knows representation and inclusivity is highly important to me. You see, we have a very vibrant and beautiful, multi-racial home! Black, Guatemalan, Honduran, and then two VERY white daddies. 


I was tickled pink to find out Encanto was set in the gorgeous landscape of Colombia. The colors, the clothing, and the music. As I looked over at my girls, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were thinking. 

And then, Louisa’s song came on, “Surface Pressure.” That is when I knew this movie meant business. 

We went upstairs after listening to the soundtrack in the car, when our one-year-old threw his hands up and sang, “drip, drip, drip, whoa!” Our one-year-old just sang lyrics from “Surface Pressure!” 

That blew my mind and started me thinking even more about this movie! 

NolaPapa-EncantoPhoto Credit: BSA photography 

Now, back to where I started. 

If this movie meant business, why did I spend the first hour of it critiquing what I did and did not care for? All the while, I was missing out on some of the most inspiring and tender moments. 

The kids obviously loved it from the very first watch. I felt like I was missing something. Well, DUH. That’s because I was too busy concentrating on other things. 

NolaPapa-Encanto-2Photo Credit: BSA Photography 

Luckily and spontaneously, Douglas, my husband, mentioned we should go see it again with his mom. And boy, am I glad we did.

From the very first moments, I was able to let go of any apprehensions, because I had already seen it. I knew what was coming, for the most part. 

What I was really able to do was focus on the beauty behind the storyline. Our gifts do not define us nor limit us. The light we have in all of us is just as bright and just as strong as anyone else’s, as long as we have each other. 

It’s beautiful. Disney was able to take away the “villain” and replace it with the very relatable “human mistake,” which led to not talking about poor Bruno. 

It allows children to also see the damage of their own behavior and watch the transformation with a much kinder lens. 

Many tears were shed, to say the least. During the moments of me “ugly crying,” and hiding my head in a box of popcorn, I was able to see AND understand the beauty of the plot for myself. If I had not seen it a second time, I definitely would not have been able to. 

After we left the theater, my opinion was so different the second time around. 

Our country - our WORLD NEEDS this film. 

It carves the way for so many ambitious and brave boys and girls of different colors and creeds, who see their own selves in these beautiful characters. 

Those moments could very well be an igniting flame for them to follow their own dreams and hearts. 

As white as I am, I still know how it feels to be different. I know how it feels not to be understood. That makes it my responsibility to be sure their love shines as bright as Encanto’s candle.

Posted by Erik Alexander

Erik Alexander is a blogger, writer and creator of Nolapapa.com. He is married to the love of his life, Douglas. Together 14 years, they have 3 beautiful children via adoption. Living in New Orleans, Louisiana, Erik feels that is crucially important that visibility helps normalize what “today’s parent” looks like and created his blog to help light a path for others

Website: https://www.nolapapa.com

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