Who Needs a Vacation?

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.35.54 PMEnter the Gays With Kids vacation contest for your chance to win a fabulous winter get-away to Palm Springs, South Beach, or New York City!

We all LOVE being dads, but who among us wouldn't LOVE a vacation away from the kids and the daily grind of balancing family and career? Stay-at-home dads, when's the last time you had one complete day and night off, let alone four consecutive days and three nights of adult-only conversation and entertainment?

Entering the contest is easy:

  1. Sign-up: Complete a brief profile to explain why you really need a vacation. Have fun and get creative, and don't forget to upload as many as four pictures. These images should reinforce why you need a vacation to help capture the interest of friends and strangers alike.*
  2. Get votes: Call on those who love and support you most  to help solicit votes (Facebook "likes") from your extended family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Your nearest and dearest have an incentive to help: Just think how much more they'll enjoy spending time with you when you return from your vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!
  3. The contest runs from November 3-25, and the grand-prize vacation will go to the entrant with the most number of votes at the end of the contest. Several runner-up prizes of a special "Date Night" will be awarded as well. All contest winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 26.

    Good luck, dads!

    * View contest rules.

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