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DIAPERS: Picking the Perfect Diaper for Your Baby

It's a question confronting all new dads of infants and toddlers — what kind of diapers should you use? Our GWK Diaper Expert, Emily Monroe — a mother of three, with another on the way — is no stranger to this question herself. This self-described "poo pro" is here to break down the basics in picking the perfect diaper for your baby. 

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There are three main things you should keep in mind, Emily said, when picking a diaper:

Good fit: weight charts can be helpful, "but they don't tell the whole story," Emily said. To obtain the best fit possible, a diaper should also be measured for the fit in three other ways: waist, legs and length. 

Absorbency: Making sure your diaper is properly absorbent is key to keeping your baby's bum dry, Emily says. Kudos diapers, for example, are absorbent in three main ways: the cotton liner, a double acquisition diaper layer (ALD), and at the core of the diaper. 

Material: Diaper companies aren't required to disclose the materials in their product. "Which can mean it can be really hard to tell what materials your baby's skin is touching all day." Since your baby is most likely spending 24 hours in a diaper for the first 2-and-a-half years of their life. "This matters," Emily said. So look for diapers made with breathable materials, like cotton, and avoid common allergens and fragrances. 

What the entire video above for more helpful tips, and learn more about Kudos here. 

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