Welcome Théo! Congrats New Gay Dads Cédric and Ricky!

Gays With Kids would like to congratulate new gay dads Cédric, 38, and Ricky, 33, on the birth of their son Théo! Cédric, a liquor company sales manager for Latin America, and Ricky, a marketing director of PepsiCo, are thrilled to have finally become dads!

Cédric with Théo

Miami-based Cédric and Ricky have been together since December 2006 and were married in July of last year. Ricky is a Miami native and Cédric is from Bordeaux, France. In 2006 Cédric relocated to Miami from Madrid, Spain for work.

Baby Théo

Both Cédric and Ricky wanted kids and started their journey to fatherhood four years ago with surrogacy. Their first attempt was with a clinic in Panama in 2012, because they were expecting it to be more affordable. Cédric's sister was the egg donor. Unfortunately, their attempt was unsuccessful. After many months of saving they pursued surrogacy in Miami. From 2012 to 2014 they tried three more times, but each attempt failed: Everything that could go wrong went wrong, despite working with great professionals, Cédric said.

Ricky holds Théo

In early 2015, after having rebuilt themselves both financially and emotionally, Cédric and Ricky began investigating adoption as an alternative route to fatherhood. They became certified as adoptive parents and a few months later they were matched with a pregnant young woman from Tampa, Florida.

Cédric with Théo

On January 29, 2016, their adoption agency phoned Ricky and Cédric to tell them the birth mom had gone into labor. They immediately drove to Tampa in the middle of the night to be at the hospital in time for the birth. And they made it! Ricky and Cédric’s son Théo was born on January 30. Once the consent to release maternal rights was signed, Théo was discharged from the hospital soon after. Ricky and Cédric were able to take him home.


"We couldn't be happier today," shared Cédric. "He's a very healthy, very sweet, very good little boy, surrounded by love from his dads, his grandparents, his little cousins, aunts and uncles, both from Miami and Bordeaux."

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