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At 11:20pm on March 3, 2015, our lives changed forever. Just as we were going to bed, we received a call from our birthmother, Krista, saying her water had broken. In our daze we thought, “It's a full week before the date she was going to be induced, and two weeks earlier than her due date!” Luckily we had planned accordingly the weekend before, and had already started to pack. We quickly packed the cars, our dogs, and essentially our lives for the next month. In less than 30 minutes, we had the car ready and were heading to Kentucky from Georgia! Quickly after getting on the road (once we had bought our Red Bull for the overnight drive) we received confirmation from Krista that she was in labor and had been admitted to the hospital. The next 5 ½ hours in the car driving were surreal; we were taking care of our work schedules and  imagining what our lives would soon be like.

At 5:30am we arrived in Lexington and were camped out in the delivery room with our birthmother, awaiting the birth of our son, Sawyer. Nine quick pushes, a lot of watery eyes, and a few hours later at 11:55am we heard that first cry; we were DADS! We were able to cut the cord and hold him; we spent time bonding with our son, skin to skin, and feeding him. We were what our blog has been promoting all along - Real Modern Dads!

Our son was in our arms and he was the most beautiful boy we had even seen. We knew he was our son and this was exactly how it was supposed to happen. The adoption process can be a very stressful and nerve-racking time in anyone’s life, but in the end adoption was the right choice for us. Sawyer not only has two amazing dads, but a half-brother and a birthmother that love him! Our situation with adoption has been a very wonderful experience, and we feel that our story should be told so the positive experiences of adoption can be shared.

Stay tuned for more stories from Real Modern Dads.

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