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The Best of Our Gay Dad Weddings Video & Pictures.

Gays With Kids is proud to boast the world's largest collection of gay dad wedding videos, and new ones are added frequently. Here are five of our most popular and heartwarming gay dad wedding videos published to date.


After ending a marriage to a woman that left him with full custody of two adorable daughters, Jovanny met and fell in love with Keith. Jovanny and the girls then moved from Chicago to live with Keith in Miami Beach, Florida, where they got married in May 2014.


Kyle and Pennington eloped to New York City on May 20, 2015, and celebrated with family and friends a few days later back home in Nashville, Tennessee. Kyle and Pennington first met via Facebook in 2005. But they did not connect in person until 2012. Cayden is Kyle’s biological son from a childhood friend. The dads coparent with Cayden’s mom and her husband, who also have two other kids. This is one awesome, loving family!


Alex and David had a VIP guest at their wedding on August 8, 2013: their son Max. Enjoy this beautiful video capturing what was clearly a very special day!


James and Jason celebrated four years together by getting married in May 2015. Their fabulous white wedding took place in Miami, Florida where they live. While there were surprise performers and other special guests, their favorite guest was definitely Jason’s adorable daughter Shyanne.


Gays With Kids founders Brian and Ferd celebrated the date of their 20th anniversary by getting legally married in 2013. In the presence of their son Levi and their twin daughters Sadie and Ella, the grooms got married on a gloriously beautiful day in Toronto, Canada, surrounded by their family and friends.

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