Watch: Gay Stay-At Home Dad On The Today Show

On June 12, the "Today Show" aired a segment “Stay-at-Home Dads Open Up,” in which four different fathers, all stay-at-home-dads, are interviewed and shown taking care of their kids. All four mention that they used to be half of a dual-income couple, but that they decided with their spouses or partners to become stay-at-home dads. All four say how difficult but fulfilling their chosen occupation is.

One of these four dads you may recognize as Frank Lowe, best known by his Twitter handle @GayAtHomeDad, and the present parenting writer of “The Advocate.”

We see his husband (they’re legally married) here and there in the segment, and at some point (at the 3:22 mark) Lowe talks about the questions people ask, such as “Where is your wife?” and “Where is his mommy?” When that happens, Lowe says, he’s quick to say that he doesn’t have a wife, and that his son doesn’t have a mommy.

In the entire 5 minutes, 14 seconds segment, however, not once is it mentioned that Frank is gay. Apparently, in the view of the producers of the “Today Show,” he’s just another stay-at-home dad. And that, in our view, is real progress.

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