Watch: Brett & Steven's Gay Dad Wedding Highlights

These dads have 9 children (and one daughter-in-law) between them! They each married early; Brett his high school sweetheart and Steven his college girlfriend. They then followed the paths set before them.

Steven describes what has gone on for both men since their divorces, "the marriage may have died, but it was important to still keep their family alive."

The men have been together for two years and their wedding took place at their home in Michigan on September 17, 2016, with their children, family and friends all there to show their support and to celebrate with them.


The dads offer up advice to other dads transitioning from heterosexual lives:

  • On coming out: Be honest with your children. They will love and respect you more when you are up-front and genuine. You also need to allow them to have their own experience/reaction. Help them work through any emotions they may have and always communicate that you are there for them to talk to, to listen or to help in any way.
  • On introducing your kids to your future partner: Do so as a friend first to allow the kids time to get to know him as an individual before complicating things with the idea of a blended family.

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