visiting a gay dad family richard and carlos adoption

Visiting a Gay Dad Family: Richard and Carlos

After years of fostering, an opportunity arose for Richard and Carlos to privately adopt and they took the plunge!


Meet Richard & Carlos

After being together for over two decades, Carlos and Richard have created a beautiful life for themselves in the quiet suburban town of Canton, Georgia. The two first met on an online dating site, where they talked through instant messages and telephone calls, for a year, until meeting in person. They have been together since that first in-person date, spending their lives together — from holidays to birthdays and family gatherings.


Once they tied the knot, the two started a new chapter in their love story — parenthood. Though they knew they wanted their own "forever family," Carlos and Richard first provided temporary homes to children in the foster care system.

"We knew the goal was reunification with their families," said Richard. "We're here to help these kids."


Eventually, the opportunity finally arose for the dads to permanently adopt —they adopted their son first, who was born in September 2016. They adopted their daughter a year later, in September 2017. Both children have been with their dads since birth.

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Together, with their daughter and son, this family of four is now complete, the dads say. Hear more about Richard and Carlos' journey to fatherhood and how they are navigating the challenges and successes of parenting in the video above.

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