Trials with Twins: The First Doctor's Appointment

This is the second in our "Trials with Twins" series (you can read the first one here), sharing the hilarious and relatable moments parents find themselves in while raising twins. Tyler and Andy became dads halfway through 2017 to healthy twin boys, Caellum and Emmerich, born at 36 weeks. They were fortunate not to require a stay in the NICU and were discharged two days after their birth. But then, the dreaded first outing... the doctor's appointment. As told by Tyler.

The First Doctor's Appointment / Outing with the Boys

Let's just say it was an eye opener to fatherhood! It was mid-June and Phoenix was a record 120 degrees. Yes, 120 degrees! So hot, that the Phoenix airport had to close for the day.

The appointment was for 1:00 pm, an hour after their 12:00 pm feeding. Plenty of time to get them fed and to the hospital just a few block away. Or so we thought... The boys refused to eat so after 30 minutes of trying, we gave up and moved on to burping, changing diapers, outfit changes, and getting them in their car seats. If we weren't already late, we were by the time we had to wait 10 minutes for the car to cool down as it was too hot for the boys to ride in.

We arrived at the hospital with a diaper bag that looked like we were staying a week! Six outfits, loads of diapers and wipes, socks, burp rags, extra swaddles, extra formula, and every document we had received during the hospital stay when the boys were born. Just in case we needed it.

To get to the building was another comedy of errors. The carpark was situated a fair distance from the hospital so we played leapfrog into the shaded areas as we rushed with an overflowing diaper bag, our 3-day old twins, and stressing about them overheating. Once we were inside and checked in, we had to complete twice the amount of forms because, y'know, twins.

After two poopy diapers, a onesie drenched in pee, and the initial exam over, the boys' first doctor's appointment was done. And one for the following week was scheduled.

Thankfully, the second one went a lot smoother.

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