Total Strangers Make This Adoptive Family's "Gotcha Day" Even More Special

Jamie and Bo were already having a great day. This past August 23rd, the couple were celebrating the day their two eldest sons, AJ and Val, first came to live with couple (affectionately known as "Gotcha Day") at Osaka Sushi in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Little did they know that total strangers at the restaurant were about to make their celebration even more special.

"We were asked by the wait staff and the chef what we were celebrating," Jamie said. "We explained that today was our 'Gotcha Day' with our two oldest Sons. They were very excited for us."

Jamie and Bo celebrating "Gotcha Day" at Osaka Sushi with their four boys. (Faces blurred while adoption finalization still pending)

The couple appreciated the waitstaff's well wishes, but when they were presented with their bill, they also received a huge surprise. The family at the table next to them had overheard Jamie and Bo's conversation, and just happened to be celebrating their own 'Gotcha Day.' unbeknown to the family, these total strangers purchased a $50 gift card and asked the host to deliver it to the dads after they had left.

"We all had tears in our eyes and were very moved by such a wonderful gesture," Jamie said. "It made our day even more wonderful than it already was. We will never forget that day but the kindness shown by strangers meant more than words can express."

Their good luck wouldn't end there, however. The restaurant, also touched by the family's celebration, decided to give Jamie and Bo a permanent 20% discount at Osaka Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse. "They said they know how expensive it can be raising kids and wanted to do something to help us an adoptive family," Jamie explained.

Jamie says that while he was incredibly touched by these gestures, he is also not entirely surprised, particularly coming from another adoptive family. "The adoption community has accepted us in ways we couldn't have imagined," he explained. "We truly feel blessed."

The couple adopted the younger two boys, Brandon and Juan, in December 2016. "The moment we Saw Brandon and Juan's photo was the moment we knew they were our kids," he said. Following their adoption, Jamie and Bo kept in regular touch with their children's birth family. "They have two younger brothers who were adopted last year by a wonderful family here in Minnesota," Jamie explained.

But over the past year, it soon became obvious that the older two sibling, AJ and Val, were also in need of a stable home. When they were approached about the possibility of reuniting the four brothers in a single home, Jamie and Bo didn't hesitate. "We said yes!" Jamie said. "We are now a family of 8 with Grandma and Grandpa."The couple live in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, which is a large suburb northwest of Minneapolis. "It's a diverse community and very accepting," Jamie said. "We have also met other gay families through Facebook groups that live in the same district. We have been very happy with our choice and actually have started to like suburban living!"

Congrats to this young family, and cheers to the multiple strangers who came together to make their "Gotcha Day" just a little bit more special.

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