Top 9 Stories Featuring Gay, Bi and Trans Dads in 2020

We don't need to tell anyone reading this what a crappy year 2020 has been — but it hasn't been all bad, as evidenced by many of the touching stories we ran this year that feature gay, bi and trans dads and their inspiring paths to parenthood. Here are some of our most popular posts from this year!

These Gaymers Just 'Leveled Up' to Fatherhood

Matt and Christopher, who both love video games, "leveled up" to become gay dads through surrogacy with the help of Same Love Surrogacy


Co-Parenting and Unconditional Love: Rico and Vernon’s Story

Rico and Vernon have a non-traditional fatherhood paradigm —They’re single dads who co-habit and co-parent their children. But the unconditional love they’ve experienced as fathers is an absolute classic.


Kayden Coleman's Mission: Help Other Trans Masculine Folks Navigate Pregnancy

Kayden Coleman, who carried and delivered his two children, is on a mission to help other trans men navigate pregnancy and fertility.


Love, Kids, and a Sixteenth Century French Château

These gay dads live normal lives. They work, get the kids to school and soccer practice — and maintain the sixteenth century French château they call home.


Gratitude Through a Pandemic: Tom and Ward Become Dads

Tom and Ward are just a few of the many gay men who became first time fathers through this incredibly difficult global pandemic — and their journey included many lessons about stress, gratitude and fatherhood itself. 


"Best Job in the World": How Kevin and Todd Became Dads

Kevin and Todd Pontecorvo explain how, with the help of their foster care adoption agency, Amara, they became dads.


Biological Twins Have These Dads Seeing Double

Before becoming the dads they are today, Daniel and Dennis’ biggest doubt on the path to fatherhood was whether they could afford surrogacy or not. It seemed impossible at first. Reminiscing about when they saw two dads with twin babies, they remember thinking how amazing would that be if we could do it


Choice Network Helped Make Charlie and Mike’s Family Complete

The last time we left off with Charlie and Mike, they'd taken the first steps and chosen Choice Network in Columbus, Ohio, to start their family through adoption. Just to give you a little recap, these love birds met at an NYE party in 2012 when Charlie fixed Mike’s lopsided bow. The couple tied the knot on a beach in Maui in 2016 and it was on the sandy shore that they decided to be married for two years before beginning their road to fatherhood.


How a 'One of a Kind' Aunt Helped Her Nephew Become a Dad

Shelia, a "one of a kind" aunt, helped her nephew Jamie Boulding-Bridges and his husband Thomas Boulding become fathers through surrogacy.



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