Top 20 Instagram Posts of 2021

Each and every year, thousands of you — gay, bi and trans dads around the world — tag us in your photos on social media. You share your pregnancy announcements. Or incredible moments when you first do "skin to skin" with your newborn. Or the day you stand in front of a judge and officially become a "forever family."

These photos mean so much more than the number of likes or comments they get. Taken together, they are an incredible show of visibility. By living our lives publicly and proudly, with our kids at our sides, we're helping normalize the idea that queer men can be dads (and fabulous ones at that) — hopefully making things just a little bit easier for future generations of queer dads to be. 

They're also just really cute, so there's that, too. So below, enjoy some of our favorite Instagram posts from 2021! 

Jason and Joe; Chicago, IL

Andy and Wayne; Surrey, U.K.

Ian, Alan and Jeremy; Los Angeles, CA

Brian and David; New York, NY

Joseph and Juan; Houston, TX

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Sean and Jake; Salt Lake City, UT

JW; Alabama


Brian and Andrew; Toronto, Canada

Steven and Matthew; Somerset, U.K.

Daniel and Joseph; U.K.


Travis and Jay; Los Angeles, CA


David; London, United Kingdom


Carmine and Ryan; South Pasadena, CA


David and Oren; New York, NY


Jesus and Alberto; Madrid, Spain


Daniel and Spencer; Dallas, Texas


Elliot and Matthew; Nevada


Don and Steve; Los Angeles, CA

Bennett and Malik, Los Angeles, California

Craig and Joel; Columbus, Ohio


Posted by David Dodge, Editor

David Dodge, Executive Editor, is a writer, researcher and LGBTQ advocate with a special interest in non-traditional families, politics, arts and culture, and travel. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times, and has also written for HuffPost Queer Voices, The Advocate, Travel + Leisure, The Glass Magazine, and more. In 2014, he chronicled the start of his journey as a known sperm donor in "The Sperm Donor Diary," in a series of posts for The New York Times’ Motherlode Blog. He is based in New York City.


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