This Insta-Couple Can't Wait to Become Dads

One of the many things that first drew Huey Tran and David Levesque together was their shared values. Both wanted commitment and marriage, and then kids. They met via the app Jack'd in the Montreal train station four years ago, and were married two years later, on June 20, 2015. David works as a social media coordinator, and Huey as a software engineer. The Toronto couple had each dated people in the past who didn't share those traditional ideals. Inevitably, those relationships didn't last as both Huey and David wanted a family.

And now, they say, the time is almost right.

We spoke with the popular duo (they have an impressive following of almost 30k on Instagram!) to see where they're at in their plans for a family.

Although David and Huey have not made a concrete decision on how they plan to become dads, the two options they've discussed are adoption and surrogacy. Both options present issues for the couple, ones that they're currently trying to overcome: Surrogacy has a huge associated cost, but the waiting list for adopting a young baby in Canada can be long. In the meantime, the two have started taking some adoption classes, and are planning to purchase a house.

One of the couple's fears in becoming dads is dealing with other people's reactions to their family. As an interracial couple –– David is Caucasian, and Huey is Asian –– they've encountered a number of negative comments on their social media platforms. However, the dads feel ready to take on anyone who criticizes their future family, and they will be their child's biggest advocates. They're already using their Instagram account to discuss and combat racism, and they've spoken about being an interracial (or "intergaycial" as they're fond of saying) couple via their YouTube channel.

When asked about what they think will be the other's strength as a dad, the two gave loving and supportive responses:

"Huey is my rock," said David. "I know he will always do anything for friends and family, so I know he will be there for his family."

"David is going to be the one that's holding our whole family together," shared Huey, "because he is so much better at coordinating, multi-tasking and bringing people together."

The two can't wait to create a magical childhood for their kids. From snuggling together to watch a movie, to picnics in the summer and playing soccer every Sunday, to exploring the world and seeing new things from the perspective of their kids, they're excited to start their parenthood adventure.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on their progress!

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