These Popular YouTube Dads Filmed Every Single Day of Their Twins First Month!

We are excited to announce that Erik and Adam McEwen, of the popular YouTube channel "McHusbands," will be contributing monthly blog posts to Gays With Kids! In this first contribution, the couple talks about the experience of making a video for every. single. day of their twins' first month. Check out some of our favorite videos at the end of the post!

It's pretty crazy what can happen in a year. My husband and I started our journey to becoming fathers in October of 2016. We looked through all of our options including adoption, fostering and surrogacy. When my sister-in-law, my brother's wife, came forward and offered to be our surrogate, we decided that it was our best option. Our best friend is our egg donor as well! We loved the idea of being so close to everyone involved just in case our future children have any questions.

Now here we are, just over a year later and we are fathers to twin girls! They arrived November 24, 2017. We feel so unbelievably thankful and proud of all who were involved.

Since we started looking into building our family we have documented everything on our YouTube channel, McHusbands. We previously posted a blog here on GWK prior to the arrival of the girls. Click here to view that article. Not only are we excited to one day share the videos with our daughters but we also wanted to inspire and educate others and show that being a part of the LGBTQ community doesn't mean that you can't have your own children.

Since the arrival of our girls we started to post a daily vlog on our YouTube channel. There are so many milestones throughout the first 30 days and we wanted to make sure we documented them all, plus the difficulties and wins that we would face. We would like to invite you along and see a glimpse into what life is like having newborns! THREE!!!

Watch our first 30 Day Vlogs here! Here's some of our favorites:

Day 2: Take the Twins to Their First Doctor's Appointment

Day 4: We Experience How It Is to Feed the Twins' By Ourselves!

Day 10: We Decorate for the Holidays in Preparation for the Twins' First Christmas!

Day 15: See How the Twins Feel About Music!

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