These Gay Dads Want to Help Other Dads Navigate Surrogacy

On August 11 this year, French dads Sam and John welcomed their son Valentin via surrogacy.

"The best thing about being a dad," shared the dads, "Is the happiness that comes from a little being who looks into your eyes, smiles and floods us with an indescribable love. It's wonderful!"

But the surrogacy process for French dads is complicated as it remains illegal in France. Inspired by their own journey, Sam and John have written two books on the process: one focusing on the technical aspects of the surrogacy process, and the other on the ethics and practice of surrogacy.

The books will be free to anyone who would like to read them and learn, and in order to publish the books, Sam and John are crowdfunding the project.

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Here is a little about Sam and John, their books and their reason for writing them, in their own words.


We are Sam and John, and we live in Paris, France. We went through the surrogacy process to create our family.

We had tried many times in Canada's fertility clinics, and it never worked. Then we went to a fertility clinic in the USA, while our surrogacy agency and surrogate (that is part of extended family now) remained in Canada. That means our little boy Valentin is Canadian, and we are proud of him, our family, the process, and the friends that helped us in the surrogacy journey.

Being a dad is important for us, as for us building a family gave sense to our lives.

We decided to write the first book when we realized that we didn't have any books discussing the technical aspects of surrogacy; I had lots of questions without answers. In the book [we wrote], there is the "Essentials" to go on a surrogacy journey, a primer of 230 surrogacy concepts.

The alphabetized primer gives, explains and popularizes complex elements concerning different aspects of law, medicine, social, economic and third party aspects involved.

Then, it was obvious we needed to have a second book that talked not about the technical aspects. We also needed a book that could make people think about surrogacy, with a professional point of view of the entire process. What do the professionals think? We asked scientists, researchers, sociologists, anthropologists, lawyers, lawyers, private law professors, doctor of legal sciences, doctors specialized in gynecology, doctor professor of ethics, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, political figures, associations, intermediaries, doctoral researchers in theology, Iman, Rabbi and Pasteur, doctoral student in political sciences, member of the feminist research institute, and social scientists.

You can support the project going on this website.

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