These Gay Dads and Their Kids Are Ready for Back-to-School Day! (Or Are They?)

The first day of school is an emotional time for kids and parents alike...

We say things like, "quit growing up so quickly!"

Our kids say things like, "I don't want summer to end!" To which we mumble under our breath like, "actually, we're not that mad about it! Now I'll have time to watch my soaps."

But seriously, it can be tough to watch your kids board the school bus for the first time each year. If we're lucky, we're able to wait til after they've left before we break down sobbing inconsolably. And if we're smart, we even remember, like these guys did, to snap a couple of family pics before the waterworks kick in... Send your own first day of school pics to!

All smiles here on the first day of school, in Memphis Tennessee!

Smiles all around on the first day of Kindergarten!

Dads keeping it together impressively well on the first day of school in LA. 

Sporting an Incredibles back pack for a kid incredibly ready to start school!

"And so it begins..." Max's first day of second grade!

Giving dads a kiss to remember her by on the first day of second grade!  

Matching backpacks and lunch boxes on the first day of school in Miami, Florida. 

Harvey ready for his first day of bilingual school in New Orleans! 

This Connecticut family had multiple "first days back" to celebrate: eldest twins started 2nd grade, and youngest twins began their last year of pre-K.

Back packs on, ready to learn!

Here's to the first day of a wonderful school year!

First day of the last year of pre-school... Then grade 1!

Multiple thumbs-ups from dads!

This smile says, "Bring on the fun of my first day of school!"

This wee man is ready to take on his first day of Kindergarten! 

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