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Ready or Not, These Gay Dads Are Sending Their Kids Back to School

Mask up and backpacks on, the back to school season is upon us again! Many kids are back in their classrooms this year. Gays With Kids has been keeping up with families all across the country, as students (and dads) get ready to start a new school year with in-person classes!

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Michael & John Are Happy Their Youngest Can Start Pre-K In-Person


"Michael and I are sending our children back to school in-person," John said, "and this will be little Isabella's first time in Pre-K. We are thanking God because we are relieved to get our kids back to some type of normalcy, and having them to communicate and enjoy being around other children."
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Jake & Mitch Are Celebrating Their Twins' First Day of Pre-K!

"Mitch and I plan to send our twin boys back to school in person," Jake said. "We are both scared and relieved. We are anxious since we cannot vaccinate the boys, but the school has been great about the safety of the kids."

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David & Casey's Son Is Starting Pre-K Spanish 


"Casey and I are fortunate to send Gabriel to school in person this year," David said. "We were nervous that he would have to start Kindergarten virtually, which would have been awful. We are definitely nervous about the Delta variant. We are excited for Gabriel to be a part of his school’s first dual language immersion class (English/Spanish)."

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Ryan & Isaac Send One To Pre-K, One To Kindergarten


"Isaac and I decided to send both of our children to school in-person," Ryan said. "As a parent, we are always worried and thinking about their safety, but it does give us relief knowing that they will be in small classes, wearing their masks all the time. Also, the school they attend will administer weekly COVID tests."

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Dad Justin Is One of The Watch D.O.G.S


"My son is going back to school completely in person this year," Justin said. "There were a lot of challenges with virtual last year, and our children thrive in an in-person environment. I was so nervous before our kids started in the school system and quickly found out that I hadn’t given society enough credit. Times have definitely changed and my neighbors in our community changed with it."

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Marcos & John's Twins Loved Their First Day of Kindergarten


"We were filled with so many emotions on their first day, but John and I were excited to hear that their first day back to school was amazing!" Marcos said "The kids had a blast and are ready for tomorrow.  Our school is in the middle of Hillcrest (gay town) in San Diego and we feel very comfortable and welcomed. My husband and I looked for a school that had every single color in the world and was open-minded and we found it, we are blessed!"

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Thomas & Scott "Relieved And Anxious At The Same" To Send Kids To School


"Scott and I planned to send our kids to school in person. We were virtually all last year so this will be a change!" Thomas said. "We are feeling a bit relieved and anxious at the same time, because the Delta variant has certainly changed how the school year has started. So far we haven’t had any issues and they seem to be very welcoming of us. We know some other LGBT parents at our school who have been happy with their experience too!"

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Chris & Nate Celebrate Their New 5th Grader!


"Nate and I are sending our daughter back to school in-person and it's mandatory for all students, faculty and staff to wear masks," Chris said. "We are also excited for our daughter to get back to learning, and are anxiously awaiting her to be eligible for the vaccine! Our daughter's school has been really great. They have a Diversity Coordinator, who also happens to be our daughter's mom, so we know LGBTQ+ issues/parents are handled/treated with respect!"

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Dan & Travis Pose For Their Daughter's First Day of Pre-K


"Dan and I are [just] days into our daughter's first school year and it is in-person, and we are excited," Travis said. "The threat of COVID is still heavy on our minds but with our whole family vaccinated except the little ones, we felt like this was the right choice for us. Her Montessori School has been nothing but welcoming to us as an LGBTQ family. They told us on our school visit that they felt honored to have us as part of their community."

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Armando Celebrates His Doctorate While His Little One Celebrates His First Day of Pre-K


"I'm doing a virtual doctoral program while my son is attending pre-k in person," Armando said. "I'm relieved and scared as it’s my last year my son is excited for his first time in school and he loves his teacher and his school friends. My dissertation is on the experiences of LGBTQ administrators in Higher Education, which makes me happy to know that my son's school is open and affirming of LGBTQ parents."

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Zack & Derek "Relieved" Their Son's School is Taking Covid-Precautions


"Zack and I are excited for our son to attend in-person class starting later this month with the school requiring masks for everyone on campus at all times," Derek said. "We are feeling extremely relieved knowing that the school is taking all possible precautions to ensure a safe learning environment for children and teachers. We specifically chose San Francisco Day School because of its commitment to D.E.I. and their active engagement of minority groups and non-traditional family structures."

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John & Lee's Son Is Ready For His First Day Of First Grade!


"Lee and I decided to let our son do first grade in person. Thankfully, our school board imposed a school mask mandate about a week ago, which makes us feel much better," John said. "Our son is so excited, and we are excited for him. We just moved, so school is going to be one of those places where he can begin to make friends."

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German & Andrew's Little Girl Is Ready To Take On Pre-K


"Andrew and I plan to send our daughter back in person after a careful reflection on relative risks vs benefits," German said. "We are excited to see her thriving while reaching these important milestones. Us being an LGBT family has been a non-issue at our school thankfully, which may be related in part to the area of town we live in."

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Jason & Joe Send Their Boys Off For Their First Day Of School


"Joe and I were both relieved and scared," Jason said. "As of now, our Dallas school district doesn’t have a mask mandate, but we are urging the board to take all necessary steps to protect all of the kids. We are hopeful they do the right thing ASAP. We’ve always felt welcomed, and they do a great job of being inclusive. For example, on Mother’s Day activities, Joe’s mom attends all of those, and the boys love it."

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Algernon & Ronaldo Send Their Little Learner Off To Pre-School


"Ronaldo and I chose to send our daughter back to school in person. We previously kept her home with a nanny, but I could see that her social skills development was lacking," Dr. Algernon Cargill said. "We still have some fears due to the pandemic but thankfully the school has a number of measures in place to mitigate the risk. Daddy and dada also have more free time now that our daughter is in school."
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John's Twins Are Entering The World of  Kindergarten



"I am sending my little ones to school in person, and I'm excited for the opportunity but mindful of the risk," John said. "We are new to the school but have been welcomed with open arms with kindness and inclusion."

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Kenneth & Michael's Three Kids Are Ready For A New School Year


"Michael and I decided to send all three kids back to school in person full time. We are really happy to have life go back to normal both for the kids and for us," Kenneth said. "It's has been amazing having them at home all the time and really getting to understand how their minds work in regards to teaching and learning."

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Papa Dennis and Daddy Jody Are Excited For Their Son to Begin His New School Year

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Proud Dads Pete and Victor Smile (Behind Masks) as Their Daughter Starts Third Grade

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Roberto Sends His Daughter Off to Daycare With a Smile

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D.C. Dads Send Their Darling Daughters Off To School 

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