These Adorable Kids Have a Message for You About Their Gay Dads

These two cuties are taking the internet by storm with their important message: There are all kinds of families!

Bud and Manuel are dads to Álvaro and Carmen and are popular on Instagram and Facebook as @TwoGayPapas. This brother and sister duo are not only super endearing in this video, but they're also telling it like it is.

The two start off by introducing themselves. Then, Álvaro shares a couple of fun facts about himself. "At recess I like to play Super Wings," he says, "And ... I have two dads."

Álvaro goes on to tell us about his two dads, and that they are a "super happy family."

"...we laugh a lot."

"Papa, I love you very much."

"Daddy, I love you very much."

Carmen says:

And Álvaro adds:

He continues by telling us that there are all kinds of families. Some with a mom and a dad. Some with two moms, some with two dads. Some with one mommy and some with one daddy.

Álvaro then says, exasperated, and shaking his finger "Come on! So much homophobia! Respect my family!"

And after that strong message from a Bud and Manuel's charming son, Álvaro and Carmen hug.

Love makes a family! It sure does.

Check out Bud and Manuel's Nursery Rhymes here!

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