The Incredibly Loving Instagram Post From the Son of Gay Dads

A MUST-READ: the Instagram message from a son of gay dads Frankie and Kelly, profiled on Gays With Kids in an extraordinary family’s story. His heartfelt and emotional words show that it’s not just LGBTQ parents who are feeling anxious about the incoming administration and the new president – our kids are feeling it, too!

Nathan is the third eldest of eight adopted kids (in the photo below, he’s the one in the pink shorts) by dads Frankie and Kelly. Here’s his moving message of strength and gratitude to his family during this uncertain time.

“As the reality of the next few days and ensuing months set in, I am reminded how truly lucky I am to have the individuals in this picture. 11 people with 11 very different childhoods form our family. 8 of which I share the ups and downs of sibling-hood with. Our family was man-made, our family defied laws, both in government and religion, our family is the product of two spectacular men that we do not and could never appreciate enough. The coming days and months are nothing short of terrifying for each of us, but I know I have the greatest homos in the game leading us! Thank you, thank you to my Dads @twogaysplusright and @2gaysplus8. I love you! #wearegayamerica #lovewilltrumphate #rememberourfamilies”

We can all find some measure of comfort and strength in these words, right?

Here’s Nathan’s original Instagram post:




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