The Day Philomena James Was Born

Congratulations to Seth Yanklewitz and Doug Wiand of Los Angeles, California, on the arrival of your second child, Philomena James!

A bit of background: Seth, 39, and Doug, 51, met in Provincetown, Massachusetts, seven years ago. They got married on September 3, 2010. The first child they adopted was Solomon; their daughter will go by the name of James.

In addition to answering our survey, the dads sent us a great collection of photos documenting January 16, 2016, the day James was born in a hospital in Durham, North Carolina.

How did you create your family?

Seth: Adoption was all around us. In my business it is very prevalent, and Doug and his sisters were found by their brother who had been placed for adoption before they were all born. It just felt right.

Please share any advice you may have for others considering a similar path to fatherhood.

Seth: Just start the process, because it can be long, but it is worth every moment along the journey. When you match, you will know your baby is your baby.

What names do your kid(s) call you and your husband?

Seth: I am Daddy; Doug is Dadda.

What do you consider to be the most important lesson you are teaching your child(ren)?

Seth: Respect everyone.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experiences creating or raising your family?

Seth: Love, laugh and realize how lucky we are that we get to mold and shape a new generation of citizens who will truly understand what LOVE is. If anyone out there has any desire to be a parent, please do it. BEYOND REWARDING!

 Answers have been edited for clarity.

Doug and Seth with their firstborn, Solomon, in the hospital for the delivery of James

Seth and Doug

Doug and Seth about to go into the delivery room

A newborn James on the pediatric scale

Doug and James having an intimate moment

Swaddled, comfortable and beautiful

James and Solomon at home

Seth and James

Seth and James

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