The Dads Behind Gays With Kids: Meet Bob Clippinger

When Bob Clippinger heard about Gays With Kids from some friends, he was immediately intrigued. He met with founder Brian Rosenberg to learn more about the organization's mission—one that resonated deeply. Bob says Gays With Kids does it right by showing that our families are just like any other, regardless of how they're formed or who the parents are.

Based out of California and the owner of his own real estate firm, Bob decided to get involved with Gays With Kids by investing in the organization. "I invested money in the desire that they will continue to grow," Bob says. "We need to have a higher profile [and show] that one or two gay men can raise fabulous, wonderful kids, even if the dad is still married to a woman. "

He knows what he's talking about, too. Bob, who is 55 and gay, was married to a woman for over 25 years. The couple successfully raised two kids together. His 26-year-old son serves in the Peace Corps, and his 23-year-old daughter recently graduated college and works as a computer coder.

He brings up his background to make a point: there are many ways to define a family. And if we want happy and healthy kids who grow up to become productive members of society, we have to support every family.

Bob says, "Whether it's a single parent family or a dual parent family with a husband and a wife, two women, or two men, it's about focusing on giving the kids room to be who they are and to be raised in a healthy and loving place where they feel secure. That's it, period. When you're a parent, the kids are first. That's just it. So, in my opinion, all the focus on who the parents are needs to just be quieted."

Bob says that parenting is the best job in the world (yes, even including those teenage years). One of the things he loves about Gays With Kids is that it promotes this wonderful "job" to people who have historically been on the outside looking in: gay men.

Another thing he loves? That at the end of the day, Gays With Kids is all about the children, as it should be. "It's really about the kids," Bob says. "It's not about gay men or anything else; it's about kids."

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