The Dads Behind Gays With Kids: Meet Aaron Kreais

Out of college, Aaron Kreais spent nearly 20 years working on the family farm in Ohio. Then he and his husband Josh (the two met at Columbus Pride over a decade ago) decided they wanted something different for themselves and their kids (five-year-old twins—a boy and a girl, Hudson and Irene).

So last May, they moved away from the farm to Dublin, a suburb of Columbus. Josh, a former military man, is now a stay-at-home dad. Aaron not only invested in Gays With Kids, but he's also on the social media team. Since he's able to complete the work virtually, he gets to enjoy spending more time with Josh and the twins.

Josh with Hudson

Aaron says, "All I did since they were born was basically work, so we don't feel bad spending a little bit of time just enjoying family life, because it's something I missed out on a lot."

As for Gays With Kids, Aaron discovered the organization through an Internet search. He and Josh were always on the lookout for ways to connect with fellow gay parents, a constant challenge since they lived in a rural community. Aaron chatted online with Gays With Kids founder Brian Rosenberg and soon after met up with him while attending a conference in New York, where Brian lived. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Aaron with Hudson and Irene

Having started out on the investment side, Aaron explains how he also got involved with daily operational activities. "Our social media manager went on maternity leave soon after I invested in the company," he says. "As an investor who wanted to be more involved, I agreed to step up and fill the role for an undetermined amount of time."

Aaron primarily manages the Gays With Kids Instagram account, and he loves sharing pictures of other happy gay dads and their families. He notes that not everyone is necessarily comfortable sharing a story in article format on the Gays With Kids website or even in "post" format, like you find on Facebook. But most people like sharing cute pictures, so Instagram is an excellent alternative for people to connect and feel like they're a part of a community.

When it comes to long-term goals for Gays With Kids, Aaron says they're two-fold: "I feel we are the leading organization among men who are current fathers. And I would like to maintain that status, and also become the leading organization for prospective parents."

Aaron adds, "The community of gay parents is larger than most people realize . . . Even in the rural area, we had no idea, and thanks to social media, it turns out there's gay parents everywhere. We didn't know that when we were thinking about having children. We thought we were kind of out on an island . . . so I want Gays With Kids to be the go-to resource and household name on social media."

Check out the Gays with Kids Instagram account here.

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