The Birth of Gays With Kids

Gays with kids. A mere 20 to 30 years ago, the concept was an oxymoron. Fifteen years ago, we were an exception. Now, we’re practically everywhere.

Today we see ourselves not only on the news or during Family Week in Provincetown. We see other gays with kids when we drop off our kids in school. When we go grocery shopping. When we walk down the street. Everywhere.

In order to become dads, gay men need to do things most people do not. We need to work with adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, foster parents, governmental agencies, social workers, IVF clinics, egg donors, gestational carriers, and what not.

After we have kids, we become parents faced with the same challenges and issues all parents face. But we also have social, legal, and political issues unique to us as gays with kids. And let’s not forget the experiences of fathers who came out later in life.

It occurred to us a few years ago, back in our crazy days with three kids under the age of three (yes, that’s around 15 diapers a day!) that having an online community to help gay men navigate the many aspects of fatherhood would be an extremely valuable resource for us.

Now that our kids are walking, talking, in daycare and Kindergarten, we’re finally able to build the resource, the news forum, the meeting site, the photo and video album, the sounding board and market place, maybe even the artsy webzine we were looking for.

We’ve got lots of exciting features planned to launch in the weeks and months ahead. We hope you will enjoy Gays With Kids, and that you will share your feedback and suggestions with us through the comments features or by sending an email.

Best wishes,

Brian & Ferd, Husbands, Parents & Co-Founders

Gays With Kids

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