The Best of Frank Lowe, Gay-At-Home-Dad

For the next few weeks, Frank Lowe is on a well-deserved break. But we understand you still need your Frank Lowe fix, so we dug through our archives and collected the three most popular of Frank’s stories of the past year. And here you have it: smart, serious, silly, sensitive, sentimental and sexy: The Best Of Frank Lowe!

1. The Waiting Game

It’s Frank's favorite moment of the week. It’s the moment when his son is with him again, at the beginning of our time together. It’s the moment that he's 100 percent less alone than he was a few minutes ago. It’s when he feels like a family.

2. The Boy From Berlin

Nothing can be worse than a post-divorce rut, but Frank Lowe found "love" in a hopeless place and proceeded to get his groove back with the help of his shaman lover.

3. Daddy, I Want my Mommy

Frank asked his son what was wrong. After a few whimpers, he looked Frank in the eye and said, "Daddy, I want to talk to my Mommy."

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