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"The Best Adventure." Congrats to These Gay Dads Whose Families Recently Grew!

Each and every month, the ranks of queer dads within the LGBTQ community grows — and we welcome them with open arms. Help us congratulate all the gay, bi and trans men who became dads or whose families recently grew! 

This Family of Two Became a Family of Five


PJ and Thomas are amazing gay dads that adopted three biological siblings (two boys, and one girl) through the foster care system after two years of fostering.

"A few months into fostering it became normal to cater to their needs. We just do everything together and when we realized it became second nature to us, that’s when we became a family," said PJ.

PJ said he and his husband Thomas had to drop their expectations and ideas of what parenthood might look like. Once they became parents, they described it as a humbling and grounding experience that they are grateful for.

"Becoming parents has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to us, and the best adventure we’ve ever been on," PJ said. "We constantly find ourselves asking what we did before they came into our lives, because it feels like they’ve been a part of us forever. It’s hard, of course, and challenging, but it’s been the best decision we ever made."

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Robert and Michael Welcomed Their New Bundle of Joy! San Jose, California


From their very first date, Robert and Michael knew they wanted to have kids someday. Robert said it was quite a journey for them to get to where they are, and now they can happily say they are proud new papas to their brand new baby boy.⁠

“The best parts of fatherhood so far are all of the little moments, like when he grabs onto your finger with his tiny hands, when he looks up and stares at you during feeding, or when he falls asleep on top of you,” Robert said. ⁠

The dads decided to take the path of surrogacy. Robert said they had the right team around them, which made them feel comfortable with the process.⁠

“So much of the process is coordinating between your fertility clinic, surrogacy agency, attorneys, doctors, and insurance companies,” he explained. “We took advantage of our network as much as possible to get referrals to known entities. Also, having a great surrogacy-specific attorney was worth its weight in gold.”

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Dan and Adam Welcomed Their Twins, Los Angeles, California


Although it was a long surrogacy journey, Dan and Adam said it was well worth the wait to become dads to their adorable little duo Aubrey and Austin. These New Jersey dads told us they contacted several agencies and found that Circle Surrogacy really connected with them during their journey.

"We used them to match with our egg donor. They were quick to help us, and their customer service was amazing,” Dan said. “They were very professional and knew what they were doing. If you are looking for an egg donor and a surrogate, we highly recommend Circle Surrogacy."

The couple said through their surrogacy rollercoaster ride, their story shows there will always be those days where you feel like you're the only one going through your current situation, but you’re never alone.

"Sometimes you feel like giving up, but holding these two babies made every jarring bump on our journey worth it. Aubrey has already proven to be a drama queen with an attitude, just like me." Dan said. "Austin is a cool, calm, and collected little gentleman, just like Adam. Our story might be different than most, but with the help of love, faith, and science, we went from a party of two to a family of four."

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After Three Years, Tre' & Kevin Officially Adopt Their Son Jersey City, New Jersey


Jersey City couple Tré and Kevin became dads through foster care and on June 21, 2021, they officially adopted their six-year-old little boy Fernando. ⁠

⁠“When our son was four, New Jersey Family Court and DCPP decided to end his placement with us and move him to his paternal aunt's home. We had to accept their decision,” Tré said. “Even though we were devastated when he left, we still couldn't shake the feeling that the story of our family wasn't quite finished. Ten weeks later we received a call from DCPP asking us if we would be willing to welcome Fernando home. Once the screams of joy subsided and we said ‘yes,’ he was home in less than 5 hours and the rest is history!”⁠

Tré said if you're going the route of foster care, you need to be patient, because the journey is long, emotional, and doesn't always work out, especially for young Black individuals in the system.⁠ ⁠

“It was also important for us as Black men to focus our foster care journey on Black and brown boys,” he said, “Statistically, Black and brown boys are the least desired group of kids requested by active and potential resource parents, so we consciously chose to be a part of combatting those statistics.”⁠⁠

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Rob & Josh Brought Home Two Beautiful Babies, Dallas, Texas


Dallas dads Josh and Robert were first introduced by a coworker in 2006, and from the minute they locked eyes, the rest has been history. After they had checked a few items off their bucket lists, including getting married in 2019, they started to focus on their options for having kids.⁠⁠
The pair said they chose surrogacy because it was important for them to have a genetic link to their children, and for their children to have a link to one another.
“We've always known we wanted to be fathers,” Robert explained. “Our family and friends supported us every step of the way.”
The couple said their journey was as smooth as it could be thanks to their "village of support," which helped make their dreams come true. That village included the incredibly supportive staff at their chosen fertility clinic Fertility Specialists of Texas.
“Our surrogate gave birth to our twins in the early hours of Saint Patrick's Day. They arrived happy, healthy and perfectly as our lucky charms!"⁠⁠
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Billie & Jūn Welcomed Their New Little One, Lansing, Michigan


Billie and Jūn are two dads from Michigan who chose the pathway of surrogacy to become parents. Since becoming dads, they have enjoyed showing their daughter all the wonders of the world through kindness and amazing experiences that they hope she will never forget.⁠

“We learned a lot through our surrogacy experience. We realize now that nothing is standardized and that we all don’t follow the same journey,” said ⁠Billie.⁠

Billie also said they’ve been amazed at how some portions of the process turned out much better than expected, adding that they tried to foresee any obstacles that might’ve encountered before they became a reality. ⁠

“I would tell the future dads-to-be to stay true to your course and keep your eye on the prize.” ⁠

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Congrats to these beautiful families!

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