Stay Fit With Your Kids: These Dads Shows You How

Keeping fit. It’s a subject that isn’t going away. And why should it? We could rattle off the benefits of staying active but you already know the list. So instead, we talked to a gay dad family whose active lifestyle is at the core of their happiness: Meet the Acevedo-Mora family.

Juan and Joseph met and live in Tucson, Arizona, where they bonded over their shared love of cycling. It took only one bike ride to know that it would be the first of many in their life journey together.

Joseph (left), Samson and Juan

Joseph was already a gay dad and co-parenting with his married lesbian friends. He is the biological father to their son, Samson, 6.

Juan had always wanted children so becoming Samson’s dad, too, was like a dream come true.

Samson doing push-ups with Juan

This family of three incorporates fitness into their daily lives by always keeping active. And Juan explained that it doesn’t need to be that complicated! “We intentionally fill our schedules with activities to keep us moving.” He continued by listing trips to the Zoo, the Tucson Children’s Museum, and cycling in the park.

Juan also suggested swimming, cycling, PiYo (pilates and yoga) and to “Just keep moving!”

Joseph and Juan are very proud of their son’s enthusiasm for keeping fit; they are laying the foundation and are preparing him for a healthy future.

Joseph and Samson practicing their warrior pose

Samson shared that his favorite activities are dancing, riding his bike, and playing hide and seek or having a water balloon fight with his two fathers.

Both dads also run group fitness classes and they encourage Samson to join them and even help them (or as Juan explained, “help” them) with their choreography for the class.

(Okay, we get it, they're aerobic instructors so they have a slight advantage. However, that isn't the secret to their success. Keep reading to get their most important message.)

To other dads faced with the challenge of keeping their kids active, Juan and Joseph recommend making it a part of your lifestyle by incorporating it into everyday life: walk, run, cycle, get outdoors! But most importantly, make it fun!

And that, fellow dads, is not only the key to fitness, but also the recipe for a happy life: Have fun!


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