SNL Spoofs Ad Featuring Dad Coming Out As Gay

At Gays With Kids, we love to see the number of gay dads now featured prominently in television, movies and advertising — that wasn't always the case, even just a few years ago! But are gay dads so overrepresented now in media that we've become something of an entertainment trope? According to the writers at Saturday Night Live, at least, the answer might be yes. 

Earlier this year, Facebook released an ad for its new Portal device that featured a gay dad coming out to his son, with the tagline “share something real.”

During this week’s episode of SNL, the Portal commercial was dubbed one of the most "audacious in advertising," along with several others that seemed pandering and irrelevant to their products.


The real Portal ad, released in June, depicts a father and his adult son speaking directly to the camera, as if they were talking to each other on Portal devices.

The father confides in his son that he is gay, and that his mom knows. The son responds with acceptance, and when he’s interrupted by his own daughter, he tells his dad he loves him no matter what.

“The Audacity in Advertising Awards” was a show-within-a-show, hosted last Saturday by Jake from State Farm, played by SNL’s guest-host Jonathan Majors, and Flo from Progressive, played by cast member Heidi Gardner.

Flo starts the five minute segment by announcing that the awards are “also known as the Pepsis” — a reference to the notoriously awful attempt by the soda maker at appearing socially conscious with an infamous ad starring Kendall Jenner.

Then, the hosts announce the nominees for 2021’s “Most Egregious Ads of the Year.”

“Our first nominee is a moving conversation between a father and son,” Flo says, introducing the cast’s over-the-top version of the Portal commercial.

“Did mom know?” the son asks.

“She knew. We still loved each other,” the father responds. “I never felt like it was right for me to come out while you guys were still kids. I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s OK, dad,” the son replies, wiping a tear from his eyes. “I miss mom.”

“Me too,” the father says, before wailing; “I wasted my life!” Then the tagline hits the screen; “Facebook Portal. Share something real.”

Watch the real Facebook Portal commercial:


Watch the SNL spoof:


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