Skin-to-Skin: Pics of Gay Dads Holding Their Babies for the First Time

Our lives can be changed in a single moment. For these dads, it was when their children first entered this world, and are placed straight into their arms to be held for the first time. Skin-to-skin is performed within the first one to two hours of a baby being born. It helps stabilize their breathing, heart rate and body temperature. It can also be one of the most profound and powerful moments of a new dad's life.

Enjoy this collection of photos capturing the incredible moment as these gay men hold their babies, skin-to-skin, for the very first time.

Tom and Jean Pierre with Augustine, Toronto, Ontario

Charlie and James with daughter Charlie, San Francisco, California

Danny and Graham with Collin, Seattle, Washington

Alnardo and Anthony with Preston, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Joey and Jonathan with Jake, Los Angeles, California

Michael and Jordi with Noah, Spain

BJ and Frankie with Milo, Toronto, Ontario

Tim and Addison with their daughter, Parker, Texas

Ryan and Chris with their twins, Olivia and Orson, Falkirk, Scotland

Richard and Carlos with their son, Marietta, Georgia

Sæþór and Ágúst with Daníel Valur, Reykjavík, Iceland

Jeffrey and Mark (not pictured) with their twins Blake and Tucker, Wilton, California

Steve and Nick with Anderson, Akron, Ohio

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