#SingleGayDadSunday One Year Later: Trevor and Jazz’Nique in Photos

In 216 we published a profile of Trevor, a 28-year-old single gay dad and his daughter Jazz’Nique. (You can read that profile here.)

We recently caught up with Trevor to see how he and Jazz’Nique are doing, almost a year since we first published their story.

"My daughter and I have been doing great," says Trevor. "She's starting basketball and finishing up with the fourth grade and I'm working hard to make sure our needs are met."

Trevor likes to gush over his daughter. He shared with us why she makes him to proud.

"My daughter makes me so proud because she's always wanting to do the right thing and usually makes good decisions. She's very smart and helps me around the house when I need it. Jazz'Nique is turning into a young lady."

This stunning photos were taken by Melissa Wallace, a good friend of his. They seized the opportunity and used his place of work as a dramatic backdrop.

Trevor confessed that the shoot didn’t last long: After about 20 minutes Jazz’Nique was over it. That should sound familiar to any dad raising a 9-year-old!

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