Shaun T. Is Chronicling His Twins' First Days on Instagram and It's Insanely Adorable

Shaun T. and his husband Scott are a little over two months into parenthood, and so far, they're handling it like pros! We love watching this new family as they share their sweet pics and mushy moments, along with the realities of parenthood with their IG followers.

The moment when their babies graduated from the NICU and came home with their dads!

After only 4 hours sleep, Shaun T. is trying to pull deep for a workout. Trying to find balance with their personal time and parenting. Who else has been there?

#Parenting #RealTalk

Starting his babies young and getting them ready for INSANITY!

Still Finding Time For a Quick Smooch

Still no sleep ...

The new normal: Saturday nights in, wearing onesies, slurping popsicles, holding a baby.

First date night for the two new dads.

x2 for cuteness!

Shaun and Scott's rollercoaster to fatherhood took 5 years but proved dreams do come true! ❤️

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