Seas the Day! Pics of Gay Dads and Their Kids Beachin' it Up

'Tis the sea-sun for some splashy summer pic of queer dads and their kids!

It's hot and that means tons of dads rush to the shores with their kids, resulting in the best Instagram shell-fie pics of the summer. Enjoy these great family photos of fathers enjoying the waves with their kids in the Mediterranean sea, the beaches of Hawaii and along the California coastline.

Seas the day!

"Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo "

“What an excellent day. ”

“Dinner & Sunset with our girls ”

“It is wonderful that most of the time it is our children who force us to kiss in public, whether there are people or not, something normal.”

“First day of vacation in Cape Cod and we spent it at the beach!”

“For us, it’s July 4th in the (Re)United States of America. So happy to be back in my homeland, which has afforded me the freedom to live my truth and create the family of my dreams!”

“HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! The land of the free and who you are meant to be! From our family of two dads and two kids, thank you to all those that fought for our freedom”

“Last day of holiday ☹️ More sun, more fish & chips, even more ice cream ”

“Last weekend was ”

“Alooooha!!! ❤️ ”

“Celebrating #pride by taking a dip ‍♂️ in the the Mediterranean , one of the gayest bodies of water in the world (second only to Great Bear Lake  )”

“Beach Day with my dudes! ”

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