Ring Out the Wedding Bells in Pennsylvania!

On May 20th, a little bit after 2:00 PM, it was announced that a federal Judge handed down a monumental decision!

In a victory for all loving same-sex couples throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, U.S. District Court Judge John Jones III found Pennsylvania’s DOMA law unconstitutional.

This has been an amazing year for marriage victories across the US, but until Pennsylvania joined the wedding registry it was not going to feel real for us.

Now AaronD and I can officially begin our process to become a family. On paper.

I sent him a text: “Will you Marry Me?”

His response “How much money do you have?”

My retort, “You hold the check book, you tell me?”

He said, “Prenuptial agreement to follow.” Funny guy, right?

A few blocks away from where he works there was a crowd already gathering on the steps of City Hall in Center City Philadelphia.  A “Decision Day” rally. Gay couples were able to register immediately!  Some were even able to receive their licenses and got married that same day (no 3-day waiting period)!

When AaronD got home from work we had lots of questions for each other:

Do we go to Philly and apply for a license, or Montgomery County? Do we join the celebration and do it now? Or do we wait and get married on our actual wedding date October 7 to keep our anniversary?

Also for consideration is waiting for the courts to finally decide the fates of our two foster kiddos, so they can be part of our family. On paper.

Needless to say, a HUGE party will eventually be planned. A  joint wedding and adoption celebration. But those plans are on hold for now (especially since we are still paying off the last “commitment ceremony”). But I can admit that our planning hats are in overdrive trying to figure out how to top that celebration…on a budget!

So we didn’t go to the big gay rally yesterday. Instead we stayed home with our little family. AaronD cooked dinner and I helped our foster daughter with her biography project. We had to create a figure of Walt Disney out of a water bottle. This was celebration enough for me.

I explained to the kids what happened yesterday and we played the song “Brand New Day” from THE WIZ and danced around the kitchen. I loved this song before but after yesterday’s decision it has a slightly different meaning to me now!

"Can't YOU Feel A Brand New Day?"


Posted by Barry Kriebel Jr.

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