Relishing the Happy Moments: Gad Dads Mark and Rob

During the week and a half since the presidential election many gay dads have experienced a whirlwind of negative emotions. What is going to happen to us? How do we protect our families? Suddenly there seems to be so much uncertainty in our future. Then we saw a Facebook post that reminded us of what grounds a gay dad’s life and gives it meaning. Here’s the message from gay dad Mark Angle that warmed out hearts. 

Thirteen years ago, when we'd been dating for about a month, Rob and I went to Build-A-Bear in the Houston Galleria Mall. I didn't want to be cliché, so we made a monkey. We named him Funky. He sat in our closet for over a decade, but now he is our daughter's favorite toy. Every morning, Melanie has me pick Funky up from her crib before she lets me reach for her.

If you'd told me that afternoon in Build-A-Bear, while cramming polyester fill up a toy monkey's ass, that it was my soulmate who was standing next to me, or that we were one day going to give this goofy little animal to a baby girl who'd become the love of our life, I'd never have believed you.

I am tired, I've lost the ability to complete virtually any task, and I'm overwhelmed by the love I have for my family.

Life is pretty cool.

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