Read This Moving Letter, From Dads to Their Surrogate, on the Eve of Their Twins' Birth

Guest post by children's book authors Charlie Holderman, whose book, "My Family Is Special," is now available on Amazon.

Dear Jill,

Dreams of little footsteps running through our home would have stayed a dream if it wasn’t for you. Your love and compassion for the beautiful thing called family is such a natural thing that comes to you and it’s so apparent by your selfless sacrifices you’ve made to help us live our dream.

Your sacrifices don’t stop with us. Not only have you made us daddies, but you have also made our parents – grandparents, our sisters – aunts, our brothers – uncles, our nieces and nephews – cousins. You have forever impacted the lives of so many and have created a circle of love so strong that it can never be broken. All of this is because of you.

We have experienced so much together during this time. From the countless doctor appointments, the many-many injections, our positive pregnancy test, our first ultrasound, the first time we felt our babies kick – to the many times we reminded you not to have that extra piece of carrot cake. What made these moments even more special was that you made them our moments as a couple and expecting parents. 

Although we could clearly not carry our babies, you kept us so in tune and involved every step of the way.

Some say they were born to be parents. Cody and I are one of those people. Our dream was always to be daddies one day. The thought of this not happening was heart-wrenching to accept. This was something we would’ve had to accept if not for you and we are so grateful for what you have done for us.

Words will never be able to express the forever impact you have had on our lives. We would not be experiencing the joy of parenthood if it weren’t for you. You sacrificed so much for us, so we can have our family. Your gift will never be forgotten and will forever be imprinted in our hearts.

We love you! 

-Charlie and Cody


This was the letter we wrote Jill the night before our babies were born — but let us tell you a bit more about our journey to fatherhood. We started dating in 2015 and married in 2018. We always knew we wanted to be parents but were unsure what the best way to create our family would be. After many months of back-and-forth decisions, our best friend, Jill helped us solidify our decision – she would be our surrogate/gestational carrier and help us build the family we always wanted. 

It was 2019 and after many months of setbacks we finally found out we were pregnant… with TWINS! We couldn’t be happier but knew we were a long way away from holding our little ones. Countless shots, sleepovers and ice cream binges would solidify a bond the three of us would have forever.

My husband and I spent countless hours talking about what we thought our parenting style might look like and what important things we wanted to teach our children from the beginning.

One of the biggest things we both agreed on was that we wanted our children to know that every family was special, unique, and created in their own way. But how do you really explain that to your child at such a young age?

We researched several children’s books but didn’t find any that quite created the message that we were looking for. We decided to create a story about our unique family but also highlighting other family types and their uniqueness. And that's how, "My Family Is Special," was ‘born’. Given that the book isn’t for just the LGBTQ+ community, it is best suited for any family dynamic and teaches children a special lesson; that every family is special.


It is our goal to create a series of books that highlights all family dynamics in an easy and fun way so that children can better understand that their family is just as special and unique as another; regardless of how it may look. 


The book "My Family is Special" is available on Amazon

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