Cancel pride? No way!

Cancel Pride? No Way, Say These Gay Dads and Their Kids

Many in-person pride events were canceled this year, as they were last year, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — but, as the saying  goes, you can't cancel pride. 

This rallying cry is particularly true for LGBTQ parents — our parades may not have happened once again this year, but we've still had just as much need to show our kids what it looks like to live life out, proud and authentically.

And if Instagram is any indication, that's exactly what  gay, bi and trans dads did again this year. Below, check out some of our favorite family photos of queer dads celebrating pride with their kids, in ways big and small, all across the country. 



The Gonzalez-Baltazar Family


Victor and Daniel, Victorville, California

"Pride means to us, remembering everyone that fought for our rights and now our children could see that you could be themselves and love who you want to love. It makes me happy when our children could see other families just like theirs."

IG: @victorbartistry @danielballez229

The Sandmann-Lopez Family


Paul and Bob, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

IG: @paulmann

The Isla Family


Paul and Jack, Los Angeles, California

"Pride to us is our way to honor and remember those in the past, who paved the way for us to be able to celebrate and be proud of the family we are able to have today. Celebrating Pride is also a reminder of the work that still needs to be done, and that we must continue to forge ahead to do our part to overcome all the challenges that still face our community. We want our kids to always know, that our family came to be because of those who helped fight for it, and that our family came from a place of support, perseverance and above all, love. And that is something to always be proud of."

IG: @islafashionstyle

The Lim Family


Seth & Jacky, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Coming as a frequently prosecuted minority in a heavily religious country, Pride is an affirmation that we belong, our lives are valid and a burning hope that one day soon, we will get equality."

IG: @seththegreatheart @jckyrsl

The Delmay Family


Todd & Jeff Hollywood, FL

IG: @todddelmay @jdm_disco

The Ramirez Family


LJay and Matt, Los Angeles, California

IG: @ljaymatt

Williams Family


Edward & Jaime, Arlington, Virginia

"Pride is about family. This year, for me and Jaime, that truth has become even more real as we welcomed home our newborn son a few weeks ago. When we started dating, it was not legal for us to get married and yet here we are today raising a baby together as husbands. So, as we reflect on this Pride month, we are living out loud and proud for ourselves, our son, and all those who have fought and will continue fighting for progress."

IG: @Edwardwilliams2 @thejaimeo


The Seigler-Carter Family


Richard & Carlos, New York, New York

IG: @Therealdadsofnewyork

The Cook Family 


Jason & Spencer, Houston,Texas

IG: @2dads_and_a_benjamin

The Klocke Family

Adam & Josh, Dallas, Texas

"Pride means so much to my husband Josh and I. We are so lucky to have an abundance of love and acceptance from our friends and family but sadly not everyone have been blessed with that same fortune. Because of this it is important now more than ever to celebrate Pride. To be proud! To be visible! To share our story and love with not only our LGBTQ+ family and allies but all of those individuals out there who may not understand what it’s like to be LGBTQ+. We want to share our gratitude to all of those who came before us to pave the way that my husband and I can live our authentic lives and raise our daughters in a more accepting and inclusive world."


The Gibby Family


Devon and his kids, Salt Lake City, Utah

IG: @dadndaddies

The Hanna Family


Jason & Joe, Dallas, Texas

IG: @2_dallas_dads

The Rolón Family


Jose and his kids, New York, New York

The Pineda Family


David & Ivan, Hierra, Spain 

"When we started our relationship 13 years ago, we never thought of getting married or becoming parents. We had no role models to look up to. Because of that, to us Pride means trying to be role models for future gay dads, and that makes us feel responsible and proud so as to give more visibility."

IG: @pinegal_dads

The Aronne Family

Kunal & Jason, San Diego, California

IG: @dadandbaba

The Saitman Family

Alec & Paul, Portland, Oregon 

"Pride to us means celebrating every family no matter what that family looks like."

The Ashkenazi Family


Asaf and Zion, Tel Aviv, Israel

IG: @asafash

The Parker Flores Family


JP and Iz, Raleigh, North Carolina

IG: @dadswithtriplets

The Zahler Family

Moises & Ryan, Sturgeon, Wisconsin

"Pride to us is seeing these kids loving life, exploring new adventures, and being proud of who they are & where they come from. It’s the overwhelming joy we feel when they tell their adoption story, share a sweet memory, or each time they say “we have TWO dads!” It’s in the representation that we try to provide for our LGBTQ+ family in our small town. We are happy & proud to be an example of love here."

IG: @Moychuntaro

Ben and Stephen's Family


Ben and Stephen, Clearwater, Florida

IG: @selrodaddy @belrodaddy

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