Portuguese President Vetoes Same-Sex Adoption

The president of Portugal, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, vetoed the country’s new same-sex adoption law on Monday — just weeks before he leaves office.

Parliament failed to prove the law promotes "the child’s best interest," he said in a prepared statement.

Silva can't possibly be saying kids are better off in Portugal's pedophilia-plagued orphanages than adopted by same-sex couples. So, we can only assume a surplus of heterosexual families are vying to adopt, all the orphanages have closed, and no Portuguese kid is without a loving mommy and daddy.

Portugal's same-sex marriage law explicitly prohibits same-sex adoption, but married couples have been permitted to adopt one another's biological children since 2013.

The bill was introduced four times over the course of three years before it passed. It was supported by all left-leaning parties and 20 deputies from the president's own party. Yet, the president argues the decision was rushed.

"It is important that such a big change on a sensitive social topic is not entered into force without a broad public debate," said Silva, who heads the center-right Social Democratic Party.

The left-leaning coalition that dominates Portugal’s parliament will now attempt to garner the two-thirds majority required to override the presidential veto.

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