Gay Dads Tribute To Playgrounds During A Pandemic

One Dad's Video Tribute to a Park in the Age of The Pandemic


Pandemic? What pandemic? 

Ryan Heller's latest installment of his video series "This Dad Life" — featuring he and his kids joyfully living it up in a local park — is almost enough to get you to forget

And as Ryan says in the video, parks are one of the only things that have helped keep he and his kids sane as we enter nearly a year of living in various states of quarantine.

"We've been homeschooling since March," Ryan said in his latest video installment, This Dad Life, before quickly admitting: "Okay, well.. we've been keeping them home from school since March."

Parks, he adds, have been a life saver — allowing he and his kids to escape the house, zip-line, play monster, and re-enact the Blair Witch Project (all dads do this, right?).

Enjoy Ryan's video homage to parks!


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