Pics of Gay Men Raising Twins!

Anyone else doing double-takes on Instagram lately? We've rounded up some of the most adorable pics of gay men doubling the fun by raising twins. Check them out, and send your own adordable twin pics to!

This dad's got his double-bottle technique down pat.

Big smiles from these twins and dads while soaking up the sun

Better hope that double-wide baby carriage fits through the door!

Double the kids also means double the hiking equipment!

"I had twins before Beyoncé made it cool."

Best little groomsmen dads could ask for

That twin life

Obligatory twinning bday pic

Four pairs of eyes all looking at the camera? Xmas miracle!

Tea for two, anyone?

Twin pile up on daddy

Twins travelin' in style.

"Twinterland" has officially been coined, you heard it here first

Daddies practicing some twin-to-skin

Twins take to the trail!

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