Out and Proud Dad and former police officer tells his story

Out and Proud Dad, Former Officer Malcolm Cuthbert Tells His Story

In the 1980’s, Britain’s police force was known for recruiting young males who would entrap gay men in public bathrooms and prosecute them. For then-Constable Malcolm Cuthbert, it was a terrifying time to be a closeted gay police officer.

Decades later, as an out-and-proud father of four, Malcolm now advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion in his current industry of wealth management, and tells his story to try and give strength to other closeted men who feel unable to speak their truth.

On this episode of Gays With Kids the podcast, GWK writer Brit Smith talks to Malcolm about his experience on the UK police force, how he found the strength to leave and come out, and how he and his husband formed their family of four children via surrogacy in the U.S.

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Posted by Brit Smith

Brit Smith is a Staff Writer & Associate Editor at GWK. A native of London, England, she started her American adventure nannying and waiting tables in Texas in 2006, and eventually graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. She now lives in Massachusetts with her husband and their two dogs Cosmo and Juno. Brit has previously written and created podcasts for WBZ NewsRadio, iHeart Media, and Different Leaf.

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