Our Top 20 Instagram Posts of 2016

Here's the second annual round-up of our most popular and engaging Instagram posts from the past year.

Throughout the past year, thousands of gay dads from around the world sent their family photos to us, and  we are proud to share as many of these pictures as we can on Instagram. Today we're showing you our most popular Instagram posts of the year. These photos will make you smile and maybe even melt your heart.

With these photos, you are helping us build a stronger and more visible gay dad community, so we hope you'll keep sharing your family pictures in the year ahead. We at Gays With Kids really appreciate your participation in our community!

We love this photo of two superhero gay dads with their superhero son! Thanks for sharing @moonstarfitness! ❤️ ‍ ‍

A photo posted by Gays With Kids (@gays_with_kids) on

To all the amazing dads who've shared photos with us throughout 2016, thank you very much! We truly love and appreciate each and every gay dad family photo we receive!

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