Our Most Liked Instagram Post Ever!

A beautiful and candid family moment captured by dad Jeremy has become our most liked Instagram post ever! And it's easy to see why.

Two dads take a break from an action-packed Disney trip with their son Anakin, and relax in bed. Jeremy captures the moment of his husband Joshua with their son Anakin in the middle, arms raised, his face the look of complete serenity. A perfect family moment that has received such comments as "Life goals: be as at peace with life as that adorable bundle of gorgeousness..." from @kimeu_mana, and "J'adore♥️♥️" from dotoubomahou14.

The photo was also posted on Facebook where it has received over 2,200 Likes, been shared over 200 times, and received nearly 100 comments.

Others have even shared their own version of the family photo.

Joshua and Jeremy are blown away and excited by the response from the world wide web!

"Regardless [of] how people feel about LGBTQ marriage," the dads reflected when asked why they thought the post had resonated with so many people, "A family can be a family with love and support. Hopefully people see this photo as hope that they, too, can strive for the dream we once dreamed, and make it a reality."

Jeremy, 34, is a registered nurse, and Joshua, 31, is a firefighter/paramedic. The couple met when they were both working for the same ambulance company, as they told GSN. They were married in April 2015 and have two children together, 9-month-old Anakin (seen in photo), and 2-month-old daughter Izley. Izley stayed with her grandparents during this trip.

And what's Joshua and Jeremy's favorite thing about being a dad?

"Watching our children grow up, experience things for the first time all while teaching them to becoming respectful adults one day within the community," shared the dads. "There is nothing like experiencing this feeling first-hand."

"We never thought it could happen, let alone have two wonderful kids. It's a new challenge but an amazing opportunity."

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