GWK Sits Down with Garon Wade, Author of "You'll Always Be White to Me"

Garon Wade, author of the newly released memoir, "You’ll Always Be White To Me," has had a more adventurous and eventful life packed into his first 35 years than many people have in a lifetime. Garon, a gay dad, was adopted from Sri Lanka by American parents and raised in places around the world — including South Africa, Jamaica, Louisiana and Jordan.
In his memoir, Garon discusses his experiences growing up, coming out, and creating his own family through adoption. As the reader quickly ascertains, it's an important work sitting at the intersection of race, love, culture and identity that the world continues to grapple with today.
GWK's founder, Brian Rosenberg, recently traveled to Fort Lauderdale to interview Garon, where he lives with his husband and their two sons. The two discuss Garon's memoir; his views on adoption, racism, and family; and the impact of a childhood spent living around the world.
As is clear by the end of the interview, Garon's positive, loving and forgiving nature is infectious — and will no doubt cause even the most hardened souls to lighten their outlook. Plus, you’ll get insights into his life and experiences that are not shared in his global memoir, which is now available in the GWK Shop.
Enjoy the interview below. 
Read some of the reviews of "You'll Always Be White to Me" below:
"As an LGTBQ+ adoptive parent myself, I can relate to the adoption stories and journey in a way few people can, and I loved how Garon talked frankly about the mixed feelings involved in the process. This book is a true gem. I compare it to Michelle Obama's 'Becoming'- Amazon Review
"This book is awe-inspiring, it takes you on a whirlwind tour of countries and cultures while gently teaching lessons about life, tolerance and purpose. I didn’t want it to end; each morning I woke up ready to meet someone and venture off somewhere new and exciting with the author. I can’t wait to see this as a series or a movie."- Amazon Review
"While there are stories of heartache and loss, what arises above these are the many episodes of unbridled joy and fun overladen with transcendent love leaving you smiling with optimism and hope. In the end it is both truly unique, but at the same time, a familiar American story of the triumph of drive, compassion, and love."- Amazon Review

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