Our Baby's Latest Milestones

As I shared in my first post, our family was created through surrogacy and our son Kellan was born on July 7, 2016. Gays With Kids asked me to give an update on some of the milestones Kellan has already surpassed.

At 8 weeks old he began sleeping through the night, and he averages about 10 hours of sleep a night.

At 12 weeks he began to roll over, which affected our ability to swaddle him in his crib. He also began teething (which is actually a bit early), but he's handling it well. When on his back he is able to push himself for a few feet. Soon enough he'll master this same skill while on his tummy, and crawling will come soon after.

Kellan is now 15 weeks old and, as you can see in the video, his personality is emerging and it's filled with happiness. He is extremely playful and just as inquisitive. Most recently, he has really found his voice. This week we've noticed that his "coos" have turned into baby talk, hitting various pitches and tones. When we reciprocate he looks at us with his stormy blue eyes and smiles from ear to ear.

He also now mimics us, so if we stick out our tongues or show him to baby clap, he'll then do the same. He can also pick up his pacifier and return it to his mouth all on his own.

We love noting and recording each and every one of his milestones, and we look forward to sharing these with Kellan when he is old enough to appreciate them.

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